Calendar Sync Instructions

Instructions to sync your mobile phone to your daughter's team's calendar

The "Ancaster Avalanche" app is not worth downloading. Don't even bother. Remove it from your phone if you have it.

The sync function is working but you have to set it up. The steps are
1. Create a RAMPbook account.
2. Create an "athlete profile" for your daughter.
3. Bind your athlete's profile to a player on your team.
4. Sync your calendar to the profile.

We recommend that you do the first 3 steps on your computer then the last one on your phone, though you can do all the steps on your phone if you want. The following screen shots take you through the process. When you are done, check that your daughter's schedule has been loaded into your calendar. If you have any troubles or if you would like to improve these instructions, please email

1. Create a RAMPbook account

2. Create an "athlete profile" for your daughter.

3. Bind your athlete's profile to a player on your team.

Note there is a bug in the application - it returns matches from previous seasons in addition to the current season. Note also that this year our policy is to list the players' first name and first initial of last name. Do not search for your daughter's full last name!

If you want to try the "Search by Association" method above then your team will show up numerous times in the list. Just keep trying each one until you find the current season's team. I found this year's Peewee A team at the bottom of the list so you might want to try the last one on the list first. It's pretty frustrating. Be careful and double check on the next step...

Here you drop down the profile - there should be only one profile available. That will bind your daughter's team entry to the profile you created earlier.

4. Sync your calendar to the profile.

Do this step on your mobile phone. Log in to the account you just created. Then click on "Sync Calendars"

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